Cyber Starter Plan

Cyber Starter Plan


For independent contractors, freelancers, and micro-businesses looking to examine their cybersecurity hygiene and learn how to improve it.

Features Include:

  • One annual external-only vulnerability scan

  • Automated risk calculation and vulnerability identification

  • Access to secure cyber dashboard

  • Exportable findings to enable IT remediation



Cyber Starter

  • Annual External Vulnerability Scan

  • Automated Risk Rating Calculation
  • Vulnerability Identification

  • Access to Secure Cyber Dashboard
  • Exportable Findings to Support IT
  • Cyber Awareness Reading Materials

  • Limited Technical Support
  • Access to Incident Response Services

Service Description

Cybersecurity is all about awareness. Building that awareness begins with understanding your current security posture. This External Vulnerability Scan will remotely examine your unique network environment using a variety of tools to determine where potential vulnerabilities might be, display them to you, and provide a starting point for remediation and enhancement.

How does it work?

1. You provide us with your organization’s domain.

2. We conduct a benign, remote scan across your environment using various, state of the art tools.

3. Once complete (usually in 24 hours), you will receive an email with a link to your Open Security dashboard where you can view our findings.

On the dashboard, you can see any potential vulnerabilities we found and learn more about them. If you have your own IT services, they can use this data to begin remediating any issues. If not, you can upgrade to the Small Business tier at any time!