Enterprise Cyber Suite

Enterprise Cyber Suite

3,999.99 every month

For large enterprises maintaining a baseline of security in order to avoid disruption of daily operations.

Features Include:

  • Four quarterly Vulnerability Assessments with exit briefings

  • One annual Penetration Test with exit briefing

  • Full technical report including methodology, vulnerability analysis, and remediation recommendations

  • Industry standard organizational recommendations for sustainment and improvement of security operations

  • Dedicated cybersecurity technical support for Incident Response and Risk Management



  • Four Quarterly Vulnerability Assessments
  • One Annual Penetration Test
  • Five Engagement Debriefings with Experts

  • Rigorous NIST/OWASP Risk Calculation
  • Deep Vulnerability Analysis
  • Full Executive Report with Methodology
  • Tailored Remediation Recommendations
  • Organizational Security Recommendations

  • Access to Secure Cyber Dashboard
  • Exportable Findings to Support IT
  • Cyber Awareness Reading Materials
  • Generic Cyber Policy Templates

  • Priority Technical Support
  • Access to Incident Response Services

Service Description

Whether you’re looking to comply with regulatory requirements, validating security controls, or recovering from an incident, our Enterprise Cyber Suite is the most cost effective offering on the market. For the price of a single Penetration Test at other firms, you’ll receive not only an annual Penetration Test, but also four quarterly Vulnerability Assessments, exit briefings for all engagements, full technical reporting, and more.

Each Engagement Includes:

  1. Introductory planning, scoping, and rules of engagement conference with our technicians.

  2. Periodic updates throughout the engagement.

  3. Full technical report including sections for each level of management to enable actionable decision making.

  4. Full methodology section to share our tools, tactics, techniques, and procedures with your organic cyber capability as well as for results reproduction.

  5. Exit briefings with our experts to further expand upon any findings, highlights, or recommendations.

  6. Access to Open Security technical support for remediation support and incident response services.