Small Business Cyber Plan

Small Business Cyber Plan

349.99 every month

For small to medium sized businesses looking to evaluate their security posture, remain informed of vulnerabilities, and have a dedicated team of experts ready to help.

Features Include:

  • Monthly internal and external vulnerability scanning

  • Annual Risk Assessment report and consultation

  • Easy to understand risk rating and security metrics

  • Secure dashboard of findings, policy templates, and file storage

  • Exportable findings to support IT remediation efforts

  • Access to Incident Response and emergency services


Small Business

  • Monthly Internal+External Vuln Scanning
  • One Annual Expert Security Consultation

  • Overall Risk Rating Calculation
  • Vulnerability Identification and Notification
  • Annual Risk Assessment Report
  • Generic Remediation Recommendations

  • Access to Secure Cyber Dashboard
  • Exportable Findings to Support IT
  • Cyber Awareness Reading Materials
  • Generic Cyber Policy Templates

  • Standard Technical Support
  • Access to Incident Response Services

Service Description

Across the US, states are passing laws forcing business to become compliant with their cybersecurity requirements. This subscription will allow you to effortlessly comply with your state’s cyber law so you can get back to running your business. Each month, we’ll assess your IT network searching for known, potential vulnerabilities. You’ll be notified once the assessment is complete and the data will be displayed on your secure cyber dashboard. At the end of the reporting year, we’ll produce an Annual Risk Assessment report for your business and file it with your state if required by law.

How does it work?

  1. After subscribing, you will be given a link to your Open Security dashboard. Here, easy to follow instructions will give us access to your network environment.

  2. We will schedule your monthly Vulnerability Scan and you can follow its progress directly from the dashboard.

  3. While you’re waiting for that month’s scan results, you can use the dashboard to view Cyber Awareness reading materials, customize the provided Cyber Policy templates, or upload any cyber-related data you wish.

  4. Once the scan is complete, you will be notified via email and the results can be easily viewed on the dashboard. Each vulnerability can be clicked on to learn more and aid existing IT staff with remediation.

  5. If you don’t have IT support resources to remediate vulnerabilities, or if you’re looking for options to improve your overall security posture, our experts are standing by to help!