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Full Spectrum Information Security.


Utilize our offensive capabilities to identify critical network vulnerabilities through unique advanced penetration testing techniques. Spectrum’s security engineers bring a degree of offensive experience that can only be developed through years of global operations within the Department of Defense. These elite cyber-warriors deliver peerless penetration testing services to identify and assess your network vulnerabilities. This data is then communicated to your security team in real time in order to remediate flaws as quickly as possible

Service Offerings: Threat Emulation, Penetration Testing

Service Offerings

  • Threat Emulation
  • Penetration Testing


Our defensive experts construct enhanced countermeasures to prevent infiltration of malicious actors and exfiltration of sensitive information. They actively defend your network as operations are ongoing. They will also work with your IT department to audit network security controls and determine the optimal configuration for your environment. Determining how prepared your organization is for a cyber attack can be difficult to nail down. We can not only assist in patching your systems but aid in training your workforce into becoming a more effective cyber defense team as well.

Service Offerings: Vulnerability Assessment, Enclave Defense

Service Offerings

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Enclave Defense


Once your network has been fortified, OpenSec experts specialize in hunting down and eliminating any remaining threats still present within the network. Through an understanding of advanced cyber attack methodologies, OpenSec is able to utilize an offensive mindset to detect adversaries in a manner automated tools can never hope to match. Our hunt team members are dual-hatted cyber experts who bring offensive attack experience and actionable intelligence to the fight. All hunt team members are certified incident handlers capable of forensically preserving data for legal purposes and maintaining proper evidence chain of custody if a compromise is detected.

Service Offerings: Active Defense, Incident Handling, Threat Eradication

Service Offerings

  • Active Defense
  • Incident Handling
  • Threat Eradication


OpenSec assembles our Executive Security Assessment and presents that data to key stakeholders for actionable remediation. Many cybersecurity firms provide penetration testing, auditing, or incident handling services. From them come lengthy reports and little else. We believe true cybersecurity shouldn’t end with the report. Our experts provide the support that your IT staff needs to fix verify and fix engagement findings. They will help your organization get as much value added from your cybersecurity investments as possible. This actionable information ensures that you will not only be more secure but you will also have the means to measure that security in a tangible way

Service Offerings: Security Auditing, Security Consultations, Risk Assessments

Service Offerings

  • Security Auditing
  • Security Consultations
  • Risk Assessments


Our cyber experts provide world class training and support across clients’ entire enterprise to enhance information assurance practices and mitigate future incidents. Security training is often a monumental bridge to cross. Not only is the cyber realm multifaceted in nature, but the high variance in network configuration often renders broader training programs less applicable to your specific organization’s network. Having operated on your network and worked with your staff across a wide spectrum of engagements, our opportunity to train your personnel is unrivaled. Our training staff members have experience developing and delivering cyber warfare training to the DoD, government agencies, and fortune 500 companies. We tailor their expertise to connect with your personnel and build upon your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Service Offerings: On-Site Training, Distance Learning and Education, Curriculum Development

Service Offerings

  • On-Site Training
  • Distance Learning and Education
  • Curriculum Development